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About Us


Discover the health benefits of natural probiotic like Kefir, Kombucha, Jun - these 100% ALL NATURAL delicious end products will help revitalize your insides!


Our family and our customers have seen the benefits of eating and drinking fermented foods and beverages on a daily basis. 


We started fermenting for health reasons and realized that fermented foods and beverages can change your life.


We have been creating mouth-watering foods and drinks with Kefir, Kombucha, Jun, and other vegetable ferments for more than a year now.


A healthy gut leads to a healthy, happier you!


Our mission is to help everyone receive the wellness benefits of natural probiotic cultures ­for happy, healthy minds and bodies.


DELIVERY: We can arrange for delivery via postage through out Thailand and Asia.


Please also note, the prices listed above do not include delivery, shipping or handling costs.


Payment Method (By DONATION ONLY): Cash or Bank transfer / Deposit at Branch/ATM






All the statements made here are based on our personal experience.
We are not responsible or in control of the consumers' home fermenting process.

We are not Medical Professionals and do not claim that kefir/Kombucha/Jun can cure diseases. We do not provide medical advice, nor do we intend to replace the advice or attention of health-care professionals. 




Water Kefir in Various Favours, HK Probiotics Bangkok
Milk Kefir in Various Flavors HK Probiotics Bangkok
Coconut Water Kefir, Passion Fruit Water Kefir, Rosella Mixed Berries Water Kefir HK Probiotics Bangkok
Water Kefir Grains - HK Probiotics Bangkok
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