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150gr of Kefir Cream Cheese. Mede with Organic Milk Kefir. May be enjoyed fresh, or used as a base for producing many varieties of soft or hard cheeses. You may use as spread on a toast, add to your salad, cakes or make it into salad dressing.


PLEASE NOTE: We do not ship this item outside Bangkok.

Flavoring Kefir cream cheese,

• Paprika and Himalayan salt
• Paprika, fresh basil, fresh oregano and Himalayan salt ( my favorite)
• Paprika, fresh cilantro, chives, spring onion and sea salt
• Mixed herbs and garlic powder, and sea salt
• Any fresh herb, garlic, onion powder and salt

Add any of your favorite herbs and spices, and ½ lemon juice, olive oil and garlic, to make a dip.

Kefir Cream Cheese - 150g

  • 150gr Kefir Cream Cheese.

  • 2 days advance notice

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