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Active Kombucha Scoby
Our Scobys are cultured in organic black and green tea Combination.
You will receive one healthy and Active Kombucha Scoby, immersed in 1 cup of strong starter tea, which will produce approximately 2 liters of Kombucha tea.
In every batch the Scoby will grow a baby Scoby and within weeks you will have enough to make several liters at a time.

What is Kombucha?
Kombucha is made from sweetened tea that has been fermented by a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (a Scoby). The resulting Kombucha is a fizzy, fermented tea-based beverage packed with probiotics, vitamins, and enzymes.
You can infuse your brew with fruits, herbs, and spices, and you can incorporate your end product into juices, smoothies, sauces, snacks, sweets, and even cocktails!

Vegan, Dairy Free and Gluten Free.

One Active Kombucha SCOBY

SKU: 03
  • One Kombucha SCOBY with one cup of Kombucha tea starter.

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