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Bottle of Passion Fruit Water Kefir. A refreshing and delish probiotic rich beverage made by fermenting mineral water, brown cane sugar and fruit juice with live active Water Kefir Grains.

**Made fresh on orders: Lead time: 2 business days as Kefir is Made Fresh on Orders.

Water Kefir is a fermented beverage teeming with beneficial probiotic bacteria.This beverage is a magnificent source of a variety of enzymes, yeast and a range of B vitamins, vitamin K and folic acid .
If you don't want to consume dairy products then water kefir is an excellent non-dairy probiotic source. DO NOT dismiss water kefir because it contains sugars - it contains and promotes bacteria that eat sugars, and therefore need to live in a sugar medium. Water kefir heals candida, and is suitable for diabetics in small quantities.

Benefits of drinking Water Kefir and using it on your skin: Drinking Water Kefir can help you to achieve your optimal health, strengthen your immune system, and help to prevent diseases of all kinds. Most importantly, it restores good digestion - the key to health

Passion Fruit Water Kefir - 250 ml Bottle

  • 250ml bottle of Passion Fruit Water Kefir.

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